Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Running Dictation/Gap Fill

We use this quite often in MFL with a chunky text.  Put copies of a text (or similar) outside the room on a wall.  Divide your class into teams of a manageable size (4 is a good number).  1 person is the scribe, 1 is the runner and the others have to help the scribe.  Each group has the same text as is on the wall, but with gaps in it (you can give each group different gaps), or if you are using this activity as a reading exercise, just give them a bit of paper.   On your shout, the runner must run to one of the texts (1 person per text) and try to remember as much as they can.  Then they run back to their group and try to relay to them what they remember.  After an amount of time, tell your scribe and runner to swap with someone else in the group and keep doing this so everyone gets a turn at everything.  Stop the task when someone finishes (or when they have had long enough!).  Feedback to the whole class and award points accordingly.  If they have written out the whole text, show them copies of the original one and give points for correct words/take points away for incorrect words etc.

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