Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Kate Stephen reminded me of this, when she attached one of my own resources to me (or something rather similar to something I posted on TES resources!!!) in an email!  It's an interactive blockbusters grid.  Use it instead of noughts and crosses, when you want to consolidate.  2 teams.  1 team is red, 1 is blue.  Reds go from one red side to the other and blues go from blue to blue.  Teams take turns to choose a letter.  You ask them a question (Can correspond to letter, or be completely random).  1st team to get to the other side wins.  Of course you can play tactically and block the other side too.  It can take longer than you think, so beware!

Here is the link to the blockbusters grid on TES.  If you want a copy and you aren't registered on TES, let me know and I'll email it to you.


On the grid, whichever team wins the hexagon, you click on their colour and the hexagon will fill with their colour.  View it as a slideshow.

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