Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How Lego saved my sanity!

I've blogged about this before, but I felt the need to mention it again as today was one of those days where I was really pleased with myself and it was all down to Lego!

In a Year 10 lesson, in which we were learning how to describe buildings in a town, I gave out Lego bricks instead of teampoints, for effort mainly (That is my 'thing' this year - praising how hard they work and how much effort they put in).  At the end of the lesson, they had to group all the Lego pieces together and today, I asked them to build a 'building' I would recognise.  It is amazing how quietly Year 10 students can work!  The one which looked the best won and they won a sweet.

I also used it in a Year 9 bottom set French lesson, predominantly boys. I wasn't going to, but they specifically asked if we could.  Now, this class has caused me some headaches, I'll admit, although the behaviour cards that I have blogged about have been brilliant in helping, as have the scratch cards, which they are actually scrambling to receive (Again for hard workers).  I only give out 1 per lesson, so it is really special and often I ask for nominations. I have the class on a Wednesday straight after lunch, which means that they are either nice and full and sleepy, or bonkers due to what they have eaten/who they have spent time with at lunch etc etc.  Today, some were bonkers (Well, 1 actually!) and the rest were sleepy.  However, the minute the Lego bricks came out, they were putting their hands up, working well in groups and doing written work well.  I was really happy to see such a big change and it came from them as a request - just goes to show that we need to listen to our pupils; they are really rather helpful!!!  Their topic at the moment is body parts and being ill.  I didn't want to risk asking them to build a body part (!), so I asked for a face.  The winner had a wheel, that actually turned, for a nose.  I couldn't help but choose that one - who doesn't like a spinning nose?!

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