Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I found some 2 pack blank jigsaw puzzles in Wilko for £1 ( - 3 for 2 at the moment!)  ...

...and finally found a use for them!  At the moment, with my quite large, entirely male bottom set Year 9 German class, we are discussing music - giving our preferences and opinions etc.  Quite tricky in German, as we have some lovely opinion phrases and connectives which play merry hell on word order!  So I thought a nice way of putting it all together would be to write a couple of good examples on these jigsaws so they can piece them back together, thus learning about word order.  So I started with 2, like this:

I thought this would probably be quite hard, as there are not many clues to link the pieces, so I made these into ** jigsaws and made the rest like this, as * jigsaws:

I was planning on doing them in today's lesson, but had planned too much into it already, so I will probably put them into next lesson.  Hope they work!

NB:  A tip - write each one in a different colour so you don't mix the sets up!

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