Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I bought some cheap Lego style bricks from a local toy shop and then wondered what I could do with them.  I asked the 'Twitterverse' and it delivered with some brilliant MFL specific ideas, but just this week I have been wondering what kind of team point competition I could run with KS4 and then it came to me in a flash - I could use the bricks as points!  Today, I rewarded individuals' effort, hard work and participation with a brick.  I didn't tell them what was going to happen with them.  At the end of the lesson, I asked each side of the room to work together and pool all their bricks together to build a tower.  The tallest tower won!  Simple!

Talking to a colleague afterwards, we were wondering how this could be developed further and we thought it would be fun to connect their creation at the end of the lesson to the content of the lesson!  For example, if learning about transport, build a car or vehicle!  Obviously best 'creation' would win!  Not sure about the criteria though!

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