Friday, October 31, 2014

Fix it with marking plasters!

I love this idea - I got it from @ASTsupportAAli's blog,, which is brilliant, by the way!  I just adapted it and included a QR code to link to an explanatory webpage, should the student need more information or support.

The plasters are below in my Dropbox (I used Publisher, though, so that might cause some probs for some people):

These are the stickers using the Avery template 3489 (30 on a sheet)

and these are the others I had to make because I bought the wrong size stickers!  There are still 30 on a page though!

Feel free to adapt as you see fit.  I am using them sparingly, where there is a real need for support; i.e., the student keeps making the same mistakes.  Otherwise, I could be plastering their books with them (Scuse the pun!).

Post a comment below or tweet me if you use them.  Would love to know how you get on.  I shall be posting some feedback on this blog as soon as I can!

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