Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Silent read and run

This seems to be a contradiction, but it really works. @mcclearning brought it to our school and set it up so well I had to haven a go.
You have a number of the same short texts on folded pieces of paper stuck on the wall at head height in the corridor. You split your class into groups of 3 or 4. They take it in turns to run out to the corridor and remember as much as they can and then run back in and write down, in silence what they remember. The others read through and correct any possible mistakes. Then the next person goes out and repeats the action. They carry on until your timer goes off. Obviously you need to make sure there are no trip hazards etc.

Then for the scoring. You give each group 100 points. You add 20 if they completed it in silence. You remove 20 if they were noisy. They swap their work and correct each others', taking away 1 point for each mistake and 2 for each word missed out.

It is so much fun and even slightly calming as they try to stay silent. I offer a prize to the team with the most points. Careful no-one cheats; just knock 20 points off for taking pens out or papers off the wall. 

I am definitely going to do more of these!

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