Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I was inspired to do this as ever, by @morganmfl, who posted pics of these mini Jenga games that she had found.  I had heard about it through other amazing MFL teachers (check out: http://elvisrunner.blogspot.co.uk/2014/10/jenga-revisited.html)  on Twitter and was excited to try it myself, so after receiving these mini games from Amazon, I spent (far too much) time numbering all of the bricks.  I decided to number each set in a different colour and put coloured labels on the top, so that the sets wouldn't get muddled.

For my Year 10 guinea pigs(!), I had on my board, 10 questions in German about their town and ideal town as they are currently practising for their structured conversations.  In groups, they had to take turns to remove a brick each (as per the usual rules), place it on the top and answer the question the brick corresponded to.  For example, if a student picked brick 3, they would answer question 3.  They had to answer the question before the next person took out their brick (Thank you to @Pixiejojo for this idea).

It was a success I think.  They seemed to enjoy it.  I would definitely bear in mind the time of the day you do this and with which class, as my Year 11 class p5 today, were somewhat giddy and for them it wasn't quite as successful.

Here are some photos:

So far so good!

getting a bit rocky!

clever idea - contain the debris when they fall!

aaargh - watch out ...

... and they've gone!

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