Thursday, August 21, 2014

I (don't) like your behaviour!

This is an idea I have adapted from @TeacherToolkit's brilliant book: '100 Ideas for Secondary Teachers: Outstanding Lessons'. They are behaviour cards: So, you print them out and laminate them.  When you think someone in your lesson has worked really well, their name goes on the 'Like' poster.  When their behaviour has started to concern you, you write their name on the orange card and rub their name off the 'Like' one and when they have behaved badly, they go onto the 'Dislike' card.  From then, they feed into your school's sanctions system, or you have a quiet word with them at the end of the lesson and get to the bottom of their behaviour.  At the end of the lesson, all those who have got 'Likes' can get merits or whatever your school system has to offer.  I suggest that those on the orange card are spoken to and reminded how close they were to getting a dislike for their behaviour!


  1. Nice adaptation of the Facebook symbol. It's important that this classroom system fits in with the teacher's school behaviour system. Keep me posted on how it works next term.

    1. Reply underneath. Typed in the wrong box...oops!

  2. I completely agree. I like it because it's simple and easy to work. Anyone can do this and keep on top of behaviour if they're consistent, as long as they remember to apply the rewards/sanctions in the school behaviour system. Will let you know how I get on!