Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Balloon tower

Again, this is from my friend Charline.  You need:  a pack of balloons, permanent markers, sellotape!
Divide class into groups.  They have a set amount of time to write 15 facts/pieces of vocab etc onto each balloon.  They have as many balloons as there are topic areas (They blow them up themselves).  When the time is up, they then have a limited time to build a tower with their balloons and sellotape.  Tallest tower wins.  At the end, they could use the vocab or facts to relay the information back to you - for points of course!  Obviously this could be adapted and I look forward to hearing how you use it - comments please!
Great revision idea!


  1. I adapted this for psychology GCSE. I chopped up a load of past papers and in groups they had to come and get a question and then come back to me with it. If it gained full marks they took a balloon and had to write key words from the topic of the question on it and then build a tower as above. They utterly loved it :)

  2. That's clever. I like the adaptation!

  3. That's clever. I like the adaptation!