Monday, May 12, 2014


Very exciting!!!  Found some brilliant software online called Plickers.  If you have a tablet or ipad (or smartphone etc), you can use this.  You need the app on your device and you need to print out some barcode/QR code type cards from the website. On the website, set up your classes; create lists of names.  The program will assign the cards that you printed out with people on your list (each card is numbered).  You set some questions with multichoice answers and pupils hold their cards the right way up - They need to choose A,B,C or D and for each choice, they have to hold their card up a different way (sounds complex, but isn't).  You then take a pic of them, whilst in the app and the program will calculate how many and who got it right and will also make little bar charts for each question.  If you are interested, I thoroughly recommend you visit the website below.  I did it with 8Y3 today and they were really impressed!  Great for starters and plenaries, because everyone is involved.  Can't wait to try another one!

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